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Discovering the right college fit is paramount. Achieve the best results possible by allowing Spider Web Education to provide expert guidance at every stage of the college admissions process.

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All of our college consulting services are available on both a comprehensive and a per-hour basis. “Get Smart! Get In!”


Dan encouraged revolutionary changes in our son’s study habits. His academic and SAT score increases made him a much more competitive applicant. We are thrilled that he is now attending Villanova Un…

This past year, I had the pleasure of working with Dan Hughes to prepare for college admissions.

Dan, a practicing attorney, holds degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown Law School. Most impo…

Rock on Tiger Tutor! Rock on! So glad that you assisted me with college essays, tests, and schoolwork to enable me to get into my dream college.

When I saw my son’s test score increases, I felt really proud: Drew ended up with an 800 in the SAT Subject Test in Math II. My son knocked it out of the park!

When I first took a practice SAT, I scored a 1630. Weeks of Kaplan learning programs and other tutors managed to bring it up to only a 1740. Time with Daniel Hughes gave me a 2170 on my next SAT exam.…