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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tutor remotely or via Skype?

Absolutely! Spider Web Education works with students as far away as Japan and the United Kingdom and we are happy to explain the remote tutoring options. Some students actually find they prefer tutoring via Skype!

Which is a better test for my student, the SAT or the ACT?

We are happy to discuss this question with you in detail. For more information about the differences between the two tests, please consult the Resources page. If we start working together early enough (always the best bet to start SAT and ACT preparation early so as to maximize your options and knowledge!), Spider Web often suggests that students sit for both exams to determine which test is a better fit.

Aren’t major changes coming to the SAT Reasoning Test?

Yes, indeed! Beginning in January 2016, the SAT Reasoning Test will undergo several major changes. Find out more about those upcoming changes at our Resources page. Spider Web is happy to explain how those changes will affect the testing options of your college applicant.

Other questions?

Please contact us via email or phone and we will get back to you right away!


Rock on Tiger Tutor! Rock on! So glad that you assisted me with college essays, tests, and schoolwork to enable me to get into my dream college.

Dan encouraged revolutionary changes in our son’s study habits. His academic and SAT score increases made him a much more competitive applicant. We are thrilled that he is now attending Villanova Un…

When I first took a practice SAT, I scored a 1630. Weeks of Kaplan learning programs and other tutors managed to bring it up to only a 1740. Time with Daniel Hughes gave me a 2170 on my next SAT exam.…

This past year, I had the pleasure of working with Dan Hughes to prepare for college admissions.

Dan, a practicing attorney, holds degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown Law School. Most impo…

When I saw my son’s test score increases, I felt really proud: Drew ended up with an 800 in the SAT Subject Test in Math II. My son knocked it out of the park!