Abhishek Janardan

Why medical school?

I chose to attend medical school because medicine represents one of the most versatile and rewarding professions. Studying medicine exposes students to the rigors of academic research, unparalleled teaching opportunities, invigorating and humanizing relationships, community engagement, and so much more. I am beyond thrilled with my decision to attend medical school and would love to speak further on the impact its had on my life and how it can shape yours as well.

Why Am I A Great Tutor and Mentor?

My interest in tutoring began at an early age. My dad is a math professor and I have been around teaching my entire life. Prior to college, I taught math to elementary and middle school-aged children. During my time at Washington University in St. Louis and my gap year, I tutored students in a variety of science and business courses such as Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Capital Markets, Accounting, and the MCAT. It is my firm belief that the underlying logic and nuance behind a subject need to be clearly and concisely explained to help blossom a person’s love of learning leading to cross-disciplinary connections. Learning really becomes meaningful when you apply it to your daily life and interests. My teaching arsenal has further developed in medical school through teaching Medical Biochemistry, Physiology, Foundations of Pharmacology, Immunology, and Microbiology. At any level of education, I am certain with the right foundation, proper direction, and nuanced advice, any academic goals can be achieved!