For the past twenty years, Dan Hughes has assisted thousands of students with academic achievement, standardized tests, college admissions, graduate school admissions, and a wide range of other education-related goals.  His students have consistently demonstrated stellar academic and testing results and earned admission to highly prestigious universities.

Dan graduated from Harvard magna cum laude with an A.B. degree in History and Literature and a Citation in French.  Subsequently, he earned a J.D. degree from Georgetown Law.  Dan has also completed extensive education-related coursework at the University of California at Irvine and the Relay Graduate School of Education.  He holds a B2 Level DELF in French and a B2 Level DELE in Spanish, certifying his proficiency in those two languages; he also has a working knowledge of German and Latin.  A lifelong learner, Dan is currently enrolled in a well-regarded M.D. program en route to becoming a physician.

Dan’s skills as an educator led to his selection by Teach for America as a promising teacher of underserved urban students.  He taught New York City charter school students as a certified science teacher.  In a different capacity at a Harlem charter school, he also created and administered school-wide academic tutoring programs, achieving significant improvements in literacy and mathematics.

In the college consulting realm, Dan is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), which sets industry standards for top-notch college consulting services.

Due to his extensive background in a broad spectrum of education contexts, Dan is an ideal resource to coordinate all your tutoring and educational consulting needs.  He relishes the opportunity to assist students with academic achievement and admissions.  He is also an expert writing consultant and editor, having published in a wide variety of genres and styles including legal commentary, editorials, travel writing, and original research.  Additionally, his memoir Pageland about his experiences as a U.S. House of Representatives page was published in 2014.