College Consulting

Discovering the right college fit is paramount. Achieve the best results possible by allowing Spider Web Education to provide expert guidance at every stage of the college admissions process.

Among our services:

  • Drafting of the College List
  • Standardized Test Recommendations and Calendar
  • Analysis of Pros and Cons of Test Optional Application
  • Academic & Course Selection Advice
  • Advice on Summer Programs, Community Service, & Work Opportunities
  • Advice on College Visits
  • Advice and Practice for College Interviews
  • Review of the Common Application, Coalition Application, & Other Formats
  • Vision Exercises and Revisions to the College Essay
  • Review of Supplemental College Essays
  • Financial Aid Analysis
  • Advice on Gap Years and Transfer Admissions
  • Consistent Updates and Reports on the College Admissions Process

All our college consulting services are available on both a comprehensive and a per-hour basis. “Get Smart! Get In!”