When I first took a practice SAT, I scored around the 68th percentile. Weeks of YouTube learning programs and other tutors managed to bring my score up only a few points. By contrast, tutoring time with Daniel Hughes brought me well above the 90th percentile on my next SAT exam.

I am currently attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, one of the most prestigious and challenging engineering universities in the country, due in no small part due to Dan’s efforts and dedicated methods. He ended up helping me out massively with course selection for senior year of high school and with the myriad essays I needed to polish to get into RPI. This college has definitely turned out to be the perfect fit.

– Alex, Sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

This past year, I had the pleasure of working with Dan Hughes to prepare for later-in-life law school admissions.

Dan, a practicing attorney, holds degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown Law School. Most important, he is a natural born teacher. His manner is warm and helpful, and he patiently conducted our sessions in a most efficient manner. He built confidence in my ability to deal with this intense law school application process. As I continue in my journey as a law student, I am aware of the fruits of his guidance and instruction.

And I don’t believe there is a better law school advisor and LSAT tutor than Dan.

– Jane, Law Student

Rock on Tiger Tutor! Rock on! So glad that you assisted me with college essays, tests, and schoolwork to enable me to get into my dream college.

– Anna, First Year Undergraduate at Columbia University

Dan encouraged revolutionary changes in our son’s study habits. His academic and SAT score increases made him a much more competitive applicant. We are thrilled that he is now attending Villanova University.

– Martin, Parent of a Villanova Freshman

When I saw my son’s test score increases, I felt really proud: Drew ended up with an 800 on SAT Math. My son knocked it out of the park!

– Alan, Parent of a Stanford Sophomore

Dan is an amazing tutor, and I am very grateful for his help. I just felt that you should know that he has been nothing but helpful and really helping me learn, understand, and answer our questions correctly. Even if I miss one or slip up on a few he has always broken the questions down and helped me truly understand where I went right/wrong. No, I am not being held at gunpoint writing this email, but just felt you should know how appreciative I am for his help.

– Benjamin, University of Georgia Senior preparing to take the GMAT for MBA Program Applications

Very helpful!

I look forward to continuing sessions with Daniel! He helped me issue spot a very dense property exam and helped me narrow in on specific issues. I plan on continuing sessions with him.

– Jarrod, Law Student

Zach Really Likes Daniel = Great Tutor

We’ve had a lot of tutors over the years, so we know good ones when we see them, and Daniel is excellent.

– Lynette, Mom of a New York City High School Student