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For millennia, tutors have been a linchpin for the finest education by providing individualized instruction.

College Consulting

Discovering the right college fit is paramount. Achieve the best results possible by allowing Spider Web Education to provide expert guidance at every stage of the college admissions process.

Video Profiles of College Acceptance Success

Learn More from Real Life Spider Web Education College Application Success Stories.

Graduate School Consulting & Test Preparation

We are graduate school standardized test specialists! Spider Web Education has expert tutors who can assist you.

Medical School Specialists

At Spider Web Education, we are medical school specialists. Every consultant who will assist you in your journey to medical school has already successfully competed that journey.

About the Founder

For the past twenty years, Dan Hughes has assisted thousands of students with academic achievement, standardized tests, college admissions, graduate school admissions, and a wide range of other education-related goals.

His students have consistently demonstrated stellar academic and testing results and earned admission to highly prestigious universities. Dan graduated from Harvard magna cum laude with an A.B. degree in History and Literature and a Citation in French. Subsequently, he earned a J.D. degree from Georgetown Law. Dan has also completed extensive education-related coursework at the University of California at Irvine and the Relay Graduate School of Education. He holds a B2 Level DELF in French and a B2 Level DELE in Spanish, certifying his proficiency in those two languages; he also has a working knowledge of German and Latin.

Our Team

Medical School Specialists

Brett Mueller

Studying medicine can truly be fun and I bring that energy to all my sessions!

Abhishek Janardan

I chose to attend medical school because medicine represents one of the most versatile and rewarding professions.

Is Going to Grad School a Good Financial Decision During a Recession?

By: Kenadi Silcox

“It’s so important to pick something you’re passionate about studying because you’re not going to be sustained doing something unless you can see yourself in it as a career,” says Daniel Hughes, President of Spider Web Education

What they say about us

Get smart! Get in!

LynetteMom of a New York City High School Student

Zach Really Likes Daniel = Great Tutor

We've had a lot of tutors over the years, so we know good ones when we see them, and ...

JarrodLaw Student

Very helpful! I look forward to continuing sessions with Daniel! He helped me issue spot a very dense property exam and helped me narrow in ...

BenjaminUniversity of Georgia Senior preparing to take the GMAT for MBA Program Applications

Dan is an amazing tutor, and I am very grateful for his help. I just felt that you should know that he has been nothing ...

AlanParent of a Stanford Sophomore

When I saw my son’s test score increases, I felt really proud: Drew ended up with an 800 on SAT Math. My son knocked it ...

MartinParent of a Villanova Freshman

Dan encouraged revolutionary changes in our son’s study habits. His academic and SAT score increases made him a much more competitive applicant. We are thrilled ...

AnnaFirst Year Undergraduate at Columbia University

Rock on Tiger Tutor! Rock on! So glad that you assisted me with college essays, tests, and schoolwork to enable me to get into my ...

JaneLaw Student

This past year, I had the pleasure of working with Dan Hughes to prepare for later-in-life law school admissions.

Dan, a practicing attorney, holds degrees from ...

AlexSophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

When I first took a practice SAT, I scored around the 68th percentile. Weeks of YouTube learning programs and other tutors managed to bring my ...

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