Brett Mueller

Why I chose medicine

Studying medicine can truly be fun and I bring that energy to all my sessions!” rather than: The spark to pursue medicine came to me rather abruptly at the end of my undergraduate studies. I took a very engaging summer physiology course that seeded interest in attempting to understand the seemingly endless number of ways that the human body resembled the scientific principles I had been studying for years prior. I knew that I wanted to start on a path that would allow me to challenge myself as a learner throughout my career and studying health and disease jumped out at me as a stimulating way to do that based on my core interests. Medicine also fulfills a longtime interest in being an educator, one I have tailored since high school. This not only falls in the realm of core medical education for learners but also for day-to-day patient care where I believe proper teaching and communication with our patients about their healthcare is as important as the care we offer.

Why I am a successful tutor

Tutoring in medical school is one of a long string of teaching opportunities I have pursued over the past 10 years dating back to high school. My core strengths I have developed as a tutor include identifying knowledge gaps, digesting core basic science concepts, and bridging basic science with medical physiology. The root of the reason I have been successful as a teacher in the past is a genuine and deep-rooted interest in helping other students learn. I find myself consistently motivated to adapt and adjust my approach on an individual basis which results in engaging and meaningful interactions. I take pride in creating a non-judgmental atmosphere where I can meet students where they are academically and where open communication and seemingly silly questions are encouraged. Studying medicine can truly be fun and I bring that energy to all my sessions!